Real Time Grid Carbon Data

Data layer for better tracking, analyzing, and optimizing carbon emissions


Granular, real-time visibility & insights

Easy access to grid carbon data across North American electricity markets

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Be carbon intelligent

Are you a sustainability manager or curious energy consumer who wants to see real-time emission impact of your electricity usage? Do you know that peak hours are not necessarily dirty hours? We provide real-time grid carbon data and forecasts to help you better track, analyze, and optimize your carbon emissions.

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Empower carbon apps

Are you part of a clean tech product team who wants to excite your users with carbon insights? Want to get ahead of your competitors using real-time carbon data? Drive adoption by building a carbon-aware app using our data API.

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Analyze clean, structured data

Are you an analyst, consultant, or policy maker who needs grid emission data for your projects? Struggled with getting clean data from various sources and comparing them across datasets? Frustrated with expensive but unreliable data vendors? Use our unified data interface to access comprehensive, high-quality data from the grid operators and government agencies.